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Earth's Ingredients to Your Skin

A nonprofit business that makes our world better by providing financial support to animal welfare and humanitarian causes by donating our business proceeds and donations

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Olivesoap is a nonprofit organization that strives to build stronger communities by donating our business proceeds & donations to humanitarian causes and animal welfare. Our passion is to make our world better by

  1. Helping humanitarian organizations that improve the quality of life for most vulnerable communities in our society

  2. Eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing financial support to animal welfare organizations such as East Bay SPCA & others.

Olivesoap provides financial support in two ways. First via OliveSoap business that sells natural handmade bar soaps and second by accepting donations. Olivesoap is founded by Sia Desale, a sophomore in Dublin High School. She has been a volunteer at the SPCA since middle-school, and loves working with and helping the animals there. Her hope is to help the shelter ensure that they can provide for all of their animals and help them find them forever home. Sia also works closely with humanitarian organizations to help provide a decent quality of living for all mankind.

Olivesoap is a baby step towards a better world. We understand that no step too tiny, no act too futile, no society is born humane, we make it humane with our care for mankind, animals, and nature around us.

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