Our business is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating all-natural handmade soap that rejuvenates the skin while still staying environmentally friendly. The money we earn will be entirely donated to animal welfare organizations such as the East Bay SPCA in order to help with their animals and fund the events they hold & humanitarian organizations such as Shepherd’s Gate that help raise the quality of life for all mankind. 

Olivesoap was founded in 2020 by Sia Desale. Sia is a sophomore in high school and has been volunteering at the East Bay SPCA since middle-school. Combining her love for animals, helping others, and skincare, Olivesoap was created. She hopes that Olivesoap will be able to help more animals be cared for, find their forever homes, and help vulnerable parts of our society and make the world a better place in the process.



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Founder & President

Sia Desale is sophomore at Dublin High School in Dublin, CA. Sia founded Olivesoap as a nonprofit organization that strives to build stronger communities by donating our business profits & donations to humanitarian causes and animal welfare. Sia is very passionate about animal welfare, caring human societies and natural skincare products led her to start Olivesoap.

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